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Partnership with BOGDADY TRANS SRL


We inform you about the partnership with the company BOGDADY TRANS SRL, which it is allowed to conduct activities in the NINBOG SRL headquarters from Commune Sotanga, Pucioasei Way no. 38-39, using the same equipment and facilities, but in different work shifts.

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The company's main activity is the processing and industrialization of meat (meat cutting, meat products and concoctions).

Cutting meat is also an important activirty for the company because, as long as the company is processing and selling meat products, it needs appropriate raw materials to obtain good quality low price products. Cutting is done in adequate areas with qualified personnel in compliance with the European standards.

The Market on which S.C. NINBOG S.R.L. operates is relatively stable. By the diversification of company's products and services an increase of interest is foreseen for the potential and current customers. In this situation it may become neccesary to increase the number of employees. Therefore, an increase of the company's income and turnover is expected.

SC NINBOG S.R.L. adopts a pricing policy that maintains a high level of accessibility to products / services offered to customers.

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